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Mushroom forays for beginners

Short forays looking for edible mushrooms; small mushroom display and basketchecks under way.
All information will be given in english.
Sunday august 30th from 11-13. Maximum 20 participants. Free of charge.

Meeting point; in the Cafe area. Look for our tour leaders, they're wearing green waistcoats.

According to official coronavirus guidelines, we need your complete contact information when you sign up for our activities.
Guidelines for all arrangements are:
Prior registration with name, email and telephone number is mandatory. Persons not thus registered will be refused participation.
If you are ill, in quarantine or in isolation, please stay at home.
Maintain a distance of at least one metre from all other people (unless they are part of your household) and  do not share equipment
Do not smell or taste mushrooms or plants picked by others.

One of the tour leaders is appointed ‘infection control warden’.The infection control warden calls out the names of those registered and ticks them off on the list. Persons who are not registered must be refused participation.

In Norwegian here: 

Welcome to go mushrooming with us!



Rustadsaga 856, 0693 OSLO

10 min å gå fra parkeringsplass. Soppkontrollen plassert på oversiden av kafeen.